Configuring Invoice Cycles


General invoicing settings can be configured at the org level that will allow certain invoicing behaviors to be controlled for all accounts. This can be accessed through the Invoice Cycle Configuration setup menu under Setup.


Step 1. Access the Setup Menu

Go to Setup > Data Management > Invoice Cycle Configuration. This will display the UI for the general invoicing behavior configuration.

Click the Edit button to update the configuration settings.

Step 2. Modify the configuration details.

Update the configuration settings as appropriate. Refer to the table below for the field definitions.

Click Submit after modifyng the details.

Terms Defined

Table 1
Field Name Description
Enable Historical Invoice Creation Allows creation of historical invoices in case of products or usage provisioned to account with past activity dates and charges are generated. When this is disabled, all past-dated charges are added to the current invoice.
Create Invoice For Missing Cycle Only

When ticked, the system will only create invoices in the past for the cycles that do not have existing invoices for that period. Otherwise, new invoices will be generated for past periods regardless of whether they are existing or not.

This works hand in hand with the Enable Historical Invoice Creation option being ticked.


Create Future Invoices When ticked, this allows for the creation of the invoices in the future in case of charges with the future activity date. Otherwise, future charges will go into the most current invoice.


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