How To Create A Trial Product


Trial products allow you to reduce the charges to the customers for certain eligible products similar to discounts but within a specific period or number of uses. 


Step 1. Create a new product.

Go through the motion of creating a new product by referring to the How To Create A New Product section. When asked to specify the Rating Method, select Trial.



Step 2. Specify the rate details

Now, specify the parameters of the new Trial product. If desired, click the Specify Default Rate check-box and enter the rate corresponding to the currency code that the product will be used for. Otherwise, the rate can be defined when adding the product to a package, or when provisioning it to a customer.


Refer to table 1 below for the field definitions to help you populate the trial details and then click Submit to save the changes.


Terms Defined 

Table 1
Field Name Description
Rate Type

Indicates how the discount rate is applied. Available options are:

  • Formula: Formula will be used to evaluate the amount of the reduction of the cost of the target products.
  • Override Rate: The trial rate will override the rate of the target products.
  • Percentage Off: The trial cost will be a percentage of the target product's cost.
  • Fixed Amount: The trial cost will be fixed regardless of the cost of the product that the trial is applied to.
Trial Duration

Indicates if the trial can be used for a specific number of times or a certain duration.

  • Limited Use: Trial will be applied to target products for a limited number of times.
  • Duration: Trial will be applied to target products within a specific period.
Max Number of Uses

Only applicable when Limited Use is checked. This indicates the number of times that the trial will be applied to target products.

Use Per

Only applicable when Limited Usage is checked.

  • Invoice: The limited use counter is decremented once per invoice.
  • Item: The limited use counter is decremented for each instance of an eligible product on the invoice.
Products Eligible for Trial Indicates which products are eligible for Trial and to which products rate reduction will be applied.
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