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The operational console provides the billing/system administrator to configure/change the behavior of system-wide attributes that are normally performed by a platform developer or database administrator. Though this will not provide full control of the core mechanisms of the platform, it will allow the stopping, starting, holding, etc. of commonly changed behaviors such as when invoices are generated, when emails are sent out, etc.

Understanding The Console

As a billing admin user, navigate to the operational console by going to Setup > Monitoring > Operational Console. This will display a page similar to the example below.


From this page, you can view the statistics and current configuration settings for the areas that can be updated, namely the following areas:

Group Description
Rating Options related to the rating engine of the platform, including the ability to start/stop the service. It also shows the number of pending records that are yet to be rated. Typically, if the number does not go down for a long time, the rating process may have halted/crashed. When that happens, please get in touch with a system administrator to check and resolve the issue if any.

Options related to the processing of usage data from the collector. This allows the starting and stopping of collector data on the fly. Usage data that enters the system while the collector process is disabled will remain in the queue and will be processed as soon a the collector is restarted.

Furthermore, it gives an overview of any in-flight usage data that is being processed by the different collector stages.

PDF Generation Shows the different PDF/document generation processes that are running in the system. It also shows the number of documents that are being generated and the stages that they are in for invoices, custom documents and statements.
Email Allows the ability to enable or disable the various email types in the org. Note that disabling the Email Job field will disable the generation and sending of all emails out of the system.

Change Configuration Settings On The Console

Using the appropriate user, open the operational console UI for editing. This will expose the attributes that can be changed such as the example UI below:


This allows the following operations to be performed:

  1. Enable/disable the rating engine.
  2. Enable/disable the collector.
  3. Enable/disable the email job or specific email types as well as clear pending emails that are waiting due to the Suspend (keep pending) email type option.

When changing the individual email types, the following options are available:

  • Active - The email will be sent and marked as processed after being generated.
  • Suspend (mark as processed) - The email will NOT be sent but marked as processed in the system.
  • Suspend (keep pending) - The email will NOT be sent and marked as pending. Once the email type is set to the Active status, pending emails of the said type will be sent and marked as processed.

If there is the need to view the pending emails and rating records, click the Email Pending Detail and Rating Queue Detail child nodes as appropriate. These will provide a list of records that are in the queue for their respective processes.



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