Application Limits


The system administrator may set-up application limits to keep certain aspects interface connections (e.g. API), active users,  running workflows and storage use in check and under control. These limits are standard across all orgs and if there are special cases that the limits need to be modified, please contact your account manager.

How Application Limits Work

The system monitors "limited" events and maintains a counter that gets compared to the limits. As these events are processed in the system, the counter decrements until the limit has been reached. When this happens, further access to that event resource is disabled and will return errors.

For example, if the number of API requests per second limit is reached, it will return errors when attempting additional API requests.

Checking Limits

To check the application limits on your org, make sure that you are logged in using a user with the BILLING_ACCOUNT_ADMIN user profile. Once the user profile has been confirmed, the following steps can be performed.

Go to Setup > Monitoring > Threshold Setting. This will open the threshold monitoring page similar to the example below.


This view shows the different threshold events that are being monitored as well as the performance.

Grid Definition
Column Definition
Name Event that is being tracked/measured.
24-Hour Overrun Occurrences Indicates the number of transactions/units that have been attempted after the quota has been reached within the cycle. This increments when the Remaining figure is 0.
24-Hour Overrun Maximum Indicates the maximum overrun that has been reached within the 24-hour cycle. This metric can help determine if the threshold/quota is always being breached within the 24-hour window and if so the limit can be raised or the system that is generating the event can be investigated.
Remaining Remaining number of transactions/units left for the event. This will decrement until it reaches zero or the new cycle (e.g. day) starts.
Quota Maximum number of transactions/units for the event in a cycle (e.g. per day, per hour, etc.)
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