How To Regenerate The Invoice PDF

Invoice PDFs may need to be regenerated if there are changes made to the invoice template after the invoice was closed and the original PDF regenerated. This can be done via the Bulk Reprocess Invoice PDF feature of the system.

Under the Accounting tab in BillingPlatform, there is a link located under Bulk Administration Tools in the left side menu titled Bulk Reprocess Invoice PDF, select this link to continue, it will show a page similar to below.

On this page you are able to search for an invoice or several invoices, using customer name or invoice ID. Enter a search term and select the type to narrow your results.
There are several options for selecting invoices. To regenerate a single invoice (or several invoices), select the check-box(es) next to the invoice(s) and then select Reprocess Invoice PDF from the Batch actions... pulldown listbox and then click the Go! button.

At this point, you can return to the invoice that you want to regenerate and then hit the Refresh button until the new invoice PDF is generated. This can take between 2 - 5 minutes.

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