How to Schedule a Statement to Email or Mail


Statements can be set to generate automatically, as well as be emailed, or physically mailed (if your application is setup to do so).  These settings are defined at the account level.  The steps in this tutorial will walk you through this process.



Step 1.  Access the Account

The first step involves selecting the account that the statement will generate for. You will see the section titled Statement Configuration.  The section will look similar to below:


Step 2.  Complete the Section

These setting will allow you to configure the statements automatic generation, as well as delivery.  Use the table below to complete the configuration.

Field Description
Statement Cycle

Select the schedule for which the statement will be generated.  Options include:

  • NO STATEMENTS - Selecting this option will set the statements to never generate automatically.
  • DAILY - This will generate statements every day.
  • WEEKLY - This will generate statements once a week.
  • BI WEEKLY - This will generate statements once every two weeks.
  • MONTHLY - This will generate statements once a month.
Statement Template Use this drop down to select the template for which the statements will be based off.
Statement Delivery Method Select the method in which statements will be delivered.  If you do not want the statements delivered and only want them generated, then leave both boxes blank.  Keep in mind the MAIL option is only functional if your application is configured to physically mail documents.  Addresses will be pulled from the billing profile in the account.
Approve Statements Before Delivery Selecting this check box will allow you to decide when invoices will be delivered.  This allows you to ensure accuracy before delivery.


Select the Submit button to save your changes and apply the new configuration.

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