How to Create a Document Field


Document type field allow you to upload files that can be downloaded at a later time.  This can be useful for uploading contracts, images, or any type of ancillary file you need.  Document type fields display similar to below.



Step 1. Select the Correct Entity

To begin, you will need to select the entity in which you need to place the document field.  Select the Setup tab, then under Customize Application, select Entity.  You will be shown a list of existing entities.  Select the entity in which to place the document field.

e.g. If you want the document field to be in the account form, select the ACCOUNT entity.

Once you have the correct entity selected, select Fields to show the list of existing fields.  Select the new button to continue creating the new field.


Step 2. Complete the Form

The new field form will look similar to below.  To create a document field, use the following table to complete the form.

Note: You will need to select "DOCUMENT" in the field type drop down in order to see the appropriate fields.


Field Description
Field Name Enter a system name for the document field.  This name must only contain XML valid characters.
Display Label Enter a UI friendly label that will be shown on the form.
Description Enter a description for the new document field.
Status Determine if the field will be Active or Deactivated.
Data Type To create a document type field, select DOCUMENT here.
Display After Select the field in which to place the Document Field under.
Display Mode Select the conditions where the Document upload button (or download link, depending on if the form is being edited.
Role Permissions Use the table to set what users and see or interact with the Document Field.
Help System Complete the field to allow the help icon to display and show your help text.


Step 3. Save Your Document Field

Select the Submit button to save the Document Field.

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