How to Create a Statement Template


This tutorial will show you how to configure a new statement template.  This section will cover the appearance of the statement and NOT the data.  For help on setting up data sections within your statement please see here.  The statement configuration screen will allow you to setup the following items:

  • XSL Template
  • Email Template
  • Language
  • Support Number
  • Online Bill-Pay URL
  • Support Message
  • Legal Message
  • Logo
  • Payment Address



Step 1.  Locate the Statement Configuration Page

The configuration page can be found under the "Setup" tab, under the "Templates" folder.  Select "Statements" option to show the current statement templates.  If you have not configured any statements this list may be empty.  Select the new button to create a new template.  The configuration screen will look similar to below.

Step 2. Complete the Configuration

See the table below for steps on how to complete the form:

Field Description
Statement Template Name Enter a unique name for your new template.  This will be used when selecting a template in future setup.
XSL Template Statement PDFs are designed using XSLT.  Select the template you would like to use with this statement here.  For information on how to create an XSL template, see here, or to edit existing XSL, see here.
Email Template Select the email template to be used when emailing this statement.
Language Select the Language to be used with this template.
Support Number If you would like to include a support number on your template, enter that here.
Online Bill-pay URL If you would like to include a URL for online bill pay, enter that here.
Support Message You may enter a support message here that will be included in your statement.
Legal Information If you need to include legal information with your statement, enter that here.
Logo File Name

Here you can upload a logo that will be displayed on your statement.

Set as Default

Checking this box will set the template as the default template.  This will cause the template to show by default when setting up accounts, or generating new statements.

Alternative Payment Address

Here you can enter an alternative address that will override the payment address setup in your Company Profile.

Include Aging Section

Checking this box will include an aging table in your statement.


Select the Submit button to save your new template.

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