How to Create Statement XSLT


This tutorial will show you how to create new XSLT style sheets that are used to design your statements.  These templates can be used in the creation of statement templates.  More information on statement template creation can be found here.



Step 1.  Access the Configuration Screen

The configuration screen can be found under the "Setup" tab under the "Templates" folder.  Select "XSLT Templates" to show the list of existing XSLT templates.  To create a new template, select the new button to continue.  The configuration screen will look similar to below.

Step 2. Complete the Wizard 

Please reference the table below for assistance completing this form:

Field Description
Name Enter a unique descriptive name here, this name will be used when selecting style sheets in the creation of statement templates.
Description Enter a description here to help identify different XSLT sheets.
XSLT Here you will enter the entire XSLT.
Template Type Select the type of template this XSLT will apply to.


Select the Submit button to save your XSLT.

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