3.0 Release Notes

Web Service APIs

BillingPlatform now features a full suite of web service APIs that you can use to integrate external systems with your BillingPlatform application.


BillingPlatform will allow you to download your WSDL directly through the application.  The WSDL will define the availability of the services, and is dynamic.  When the WSDL is generated it will be built using the entity/entity field layout already setup within the application.  This means any custom areas in your application will be available as well as the default system objects.


The Web Services utilize SOAP for message delivery, and XML to tag data.  For more information regarding the capabilities and options within the web service functionality please see the documentation here.


Related Lists

BillingPlatform now allows you to create reference lists in your entity forms.  These lists allow you to associate records across multiple different entities.  The lists look similar to below.



Related Lists are created in the same manner as any other entity field.  During configuration you will be able to select the entity to relate to.  More information and tutorials regarding related lists can be found here.



In this release statement have been revamped to support better formatting, more scheduling options, on demand generation,  customizable data, and delivery options.  Now you can generate statements whenever you need them, or set them to run on a schedule (Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly).  You can customize the statement via the new statement builder tool.  Customization can include included data, data layouts, logo's, even the underlying XSLT, offering complete visual customization.


For more information on the new statement functionalities, please see here.


Document Data Types

With this release you will see a new entity field type in addition to the related lists covered earlier.  The new data type will allow you upload and download files within your forms.  This can be useful if you need to upload relevant documents, images, or spreadsheets.  For more information on setting up a new Document Data Type please see here.

Document type fields look like below:

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