Invoicing is a critical part of any billing application. Invoices are what will be sent to your end customer and represent your organization. BillingPlatform provides you the tools to handle invoices the way you want. Read through the information in the following sections to learn more about invoicing in BillingPlatform.

Invoices - This section will contain an in depth explanation of how invoices work in the BillingPlatform application. This includes information on creation and the full invoice life cycle. Please follow the link for more information.
Accounts Receivable - Please see the accounts receivable section for an aggregated view of you account's histories, including current invoices, past due, along with a full aging table. Follow the link for more information.
Payments - When you are ready to start applying payments to your invoices, check out the payments section for tutorials and general information on payments.
Credits - Perhaps you need to credit an invoice. BillingPlatform allows you to apply credits towards any invoice. Please follow the link for more information.


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