How to Close an Invoice

Closing an invoice will enter the invoice into a state where it cannot be edited. This is the step before the invoice is approved and sent to the customer. There are multiple ways to close an invoice, all of which are detailed in this section. These methods will include manually closing an invoice, automatically closing an invoice, and bulk closing invoices. When to use each of these methods will depend upon your situation.

  • Manually Closing in Invoice - This option makes the most sense if you would like to see each invoice before closing, especially useful when ensuring accuracy with a new product, account, etc., as you will be required to select each invoice to close it.
  • Automatically Approving an Invoice - This option is ideal when you are comfortable with how an account is being rated and you would like to automate this process. 
  • Bulk Closing Invoices - If you would like to close more than one invoice at a time, choose this option.


Manually Closing an Invoice

To manually close an invoice, you will first need to find the invoice you would like to close. This is done by accessing the "Accounting" tab, then finding your invoice by whichever method you choose (searching, browsing, etc.). Once you have found the invoice that you are looking to close, you should be at a screen similar to the following:


From this screen, select the Edit button at the top of the page. While this screen is in edit mode, select the check-box next to Close This Invoice and then selecting the Submit button and the invoice will then be closed and will await the next step in the approval queue.

Automatically Closing an Invoice

Automatic closing of an invoice is decided at the account detail page. During either the creation of the account, or if you choose to change an existing account, you will at some point be presented with a screen similar to below.


While filling out or defining the information below, one row will read "Manual Closing". By default this check-box will be ticked, meaning by default each invoice will have to be manually closed. To enable automatic closing, un-tick this box then submit the form. This may be changed back and forth as necessary.

Bulk Closing Invoices

This option is most ideal if you have a number on invoices that would need to be manually closed. In order to close many invoices at once you will need to bulk close these invoices. To begin go to the "Accounting" tab, in the left side menu there is a link for "Bulk Close Manual Invoices", select this link to begin.

After selecting that link you will be presented with a list of all invoices that are able to be closed. This list will look similar to the following:


From here you will have a few options.

  • Use the check-box at the top of the list to select all invoices.
  • Select check-boxes one by one to choose certain invoices.
  • Use the search field to narrow your options.

Once you have the correct invoices chosen, select Close Invoices from the Batch Action listbox to close all selected invoices.

In addition to closing the selecting invoices, you can also select Remove from Queue to remove the selected invoices from the list. This means that you will have to go through each of the removed invoices one by one to close them later on.

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