How to Modify/Void a Credit

If you have placed a credit on an account and need to change the amount, type, which invoice it was allocated to, or void the credit entirely, these steps will be explained in this section. To begin enter the Accounting tab, then click the Account Ledger link in the left side menu to reveal a list of accounts. Select the account that contains the credit you need to alter, then click the Credits link in the left side menu. In the detail page there will now be a list of credits that have been applied to the account, if there is only one it will be selected for you. Once you have the credit selected click the Edit button to begin the editing process. The detail page will look similar to below.

Voiding a Credit
Inorder to void a credit, access the same screen as above, following the same methods, then simply select the checkbox next to "Void Transaction". Proceed to select Submit to save.

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