How to Create a New Tab

This tutorial will show you how to create new tabs in the system. For more information on tabs and general navigation within the application please visit the Navigation topic.

Step 1. Locate the Navigation Node

Under the Setup tab, within the Develop category, select the Tabs and Folders node. This will display a list of all navigation tabs within the application. The list will look similar to below.

Step 2. Select the New Button

Selecting the New button will begin the new tab creation wizard. The first step will look similar to below.

Field Name Description
Tab Label Use this field to define what you would like to display on the new tab.
Position Tab After This drop-down will display a list of all tabs in the application. Select the tab you would like the new tab to be displayed after.
Role Permissions This table will let you control which types of users will be able to see which tabs, and how they will be able to interact with them.
  • Create - This will enable the new button allowing users to create new records.
  • Read - This permission will determine if the tab will be viewable at all for the selected role.
  • Update - Setting this to yes will allow the selected role to edit current records.
  • Execute - This permission controls the ability to take action on the records, such as deletion.

Select Submit to save your new tab. It will now appear on the UI.

Next Steps
Entities - Now that you have a new tab you can populate it with new entities. This will allow you to be able to store information under your new tabs. Entities are how you will be able to create functional nodes. Functional nodes are able to contain list, search and input forms. Follow the link for more information on creating new entities.
How to Create Node Groups - Node groups allow you to create groups of functional nodes. They can be simply categories, or groups can be functional (which are entities). The linked tutorial covers how to make category type node groups. Functional node groups are created by placing an entity under anther entity (as a child entity). Please see the Entities topic for more information on creating functional node groups. To create a category type node group, please follow the link.

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