How to Create a Role

Creating new roles is a useful procedure if you wish to define more roles than what come in BillingPlatform by default. By having extra roles you can have more levels of permissions that you can later assign to users. See the tutorial below to learn how to create a role in BillingPlatform.

Step 1. Access the Role Creation Menu

Access the role creation menu through the Setup tab, then under Security folder select "View/Add Custom Roles". You will be presented with the current list of roles in your application. See below.

Step 2. Create the New Role

Begin the role creation wizard by selecting the New button. You will be shown the following form.

Complete the fields using the following table as a guide.

Field Name Description
Parent Role Id  Select the parent role for your new role. This means your new role will inherit all existing permissions from the role you select here. Permissions can be altered later.
Role Name Enter a descriptive name for your new role. This must be unique.
Description Here you need to enter a description for your new role.
Restriction Sub nets If you would like to restrict the role by users on particular sub nets, you may configure this here.

Select the Submit button to save your new role.

Next Steps
Now that you have created a new role you can customize permissions. This can either be done within the entity or entity field detail forms, or you can select "View/Edit Role Access" which is located under the "View/Add Custom Roles" node you selected to create the role.

Once you have permissions defined you can assign this role to the users using your application.

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