How to Set Up a New External User

Step 1. Enter the New User Setup Wizard

First select the "Setup" tab in your application, then click the "External Users" folder from the left side menu, this will show the list of all users in the system.

Select the "New" button to continue. You will see the account creation wizard which will look similar to below.

Enter the information regarding your new billing user.
Username: Enter the username that you would like the user to enter in order to log in to the billing application. This is a required field.

Account: Enter the external user's account to provision what they will be able to access in the application.

First Name: External user's first name. This is a required field.

Last Name: External user's last name. This is a required field.

Timezone: Local timezone of external user. This will determine what date is displayed in the application based on the users location.

Email: Email in which the external user will use to manage the external account. This is used for external user creation and for password recovery. This is a required field.

Status: Select a radio button to allow/disallow access to the system.

Create the New User

Select the submit button to finish the new user account creation. An email will be sent to the address specified. This email will contain a temporary password. When the user logs into the system with the temporary password they will be prompted to create a new password.

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