International Rates

International rates can be defined for each relevant product and country combination. Define a default rate for a product, From‐Country, To‐Country Combination for a certain Pricing Plan Period. Buy rates can be defined here as well for reporting purposes. International rates are applied in one of two ways based on the “Charge Type” selection. Choose “SURCHARGE” if you want to add the international charge to the rate on the component. Choose “ACTUAL” if you want to override the rate defined at the billing component with the rate defined for the selected country combination.

Search and List international Rates defined for the selected product.

To edit the default Rate for a country/currency combination, select it from the list and click the "Edit" button.

International Rates can be defined at many different levels in BillingPlatform. International Rates can be defined at the Product level, Package Product level, Rate Class Product Level, Contract, Account Product and/or at the Account Package Product level. Which rate will be utilized for rating will follow the same rating hierarchy that governs product rating.

Nested International Rates

Rates can also be nested in order to form a hierarchy of international rate charges. This will allow the collector to determine the rate depending on the details included in the collector data. For instance, it can be as specific as a city, and then up to a country if the city is not found.

An example of a nested international rate list can be seen below:

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