How to View Invoice Details

You can access any invoice in the system; view their details; manually close or reopen them and access the PDF File from the invoices link. To access the invoice PDF, go to the invoice tab, Search for invoices, select an invoice and click the invoice link or PDF icon on the invoice detail screen.

Invoice detail page with PDF icon displayed

Clicking the Invoice Detail will allow you to view the line items included in the invoice. These are the rated (or to be rated if the invoice is still open or in CURRENT status) charges.

Invoice details list

When there is only one line item on the invoice, it will automatically open the details in view mode. Otherwise, selecting a line item by clicking on it will open the details of that line item in view mode.

Invoice Details View

Here you can manually add invoice line items on invoices that are not closed by clicking the New button and filling out the information in the wizard. You can also view and update invoice line items under the invoices section on the invoice detail sub‐section by clicking on the line item and clicking the edit button, a detail page of that line item will be displayed and will be able to click on any of the boxes to fill in or change the data.

An invoice detail record will show the product, rate, cost, quantity, as well as general attributes collected by the system. For the cases where usage charges are discounted due to being part of a linked overage usage component for a subscription product that the account/customer is subscribed to, the Discounted By field will contain a quick link to the invoice detail that contains the charge(s) for the associated subscription. If the usage charge is rated, this field will not be present.

Sample usage charge with a reference to a subscription with linked overage.

It will be good to note here that if the line item cannot be rated due to a missing pricing record (e.g. product does not have an active rate at the activity date/time of the invoice line item), it will show a blank Rate as well as error information on the Error field in the Billing Details group.

A sample error is shown in the screenshot below:

Invoice detail with pricing error

In case this error scenario is observed in one or more invoice details, the pricing data can be corrected first (e.g. at the account product or product level depending on where the rate should reside) and then the invoice sent for re-rating via the toolkit pulldown. The invoice needs to be in the CURRENT status so if need be, re-open the invoice first.

Rerate Invoice
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