How to Enter a Payment


Step 1. Select Payment Transaction Type

Click the New button to load the wizard. You can choose to either log a payment or process a credit card payment, select one then click next. Logging a payment will simply allow you to enter a payment, A credit card type or an ACH type will reach out to a merchant to process a credit card transaction. This will only work if at least one active payment gateway is configured in BillingPlatform.

Step 2. Add Invoice Allocations

Step 2 presents the invoice search results grid as well as the basic fields for entering the date of the payment, the amount, and the payment type (the types defined for your company). Enter the ‘Notes’ to ensure the payment is properly documented and optionally allocate the portions of the payment to the desired invoices by clicking inside the ‘Payment Amount’ grid and entering in a value, click “Save”.

Note that depending on the payment type that was selected on the first page of the wizard in the previous step, additional fields may be exposed to enter information on the credit card information as well as the ACH transactions.

Terms Defined

Field Name Description
Payment Date Select the date this payment will be applied.
Payment Amount Enter the total amount for the payment.
Payment Type Use this drop down to log what type of payment this is. New types can be added in the Setup tab under System Types.
Auto-Allocate Payment Checking this box will allocate funds to the oldest invoices with a remaining balance. This will use funds from the payment until none remain, working from the oldest to the newest invoices with outstanding balances.
If there are funds from the payment remaining after all invoices have been brought to a zero balance, the remaining payment amount will remain as unallocated until a new invoice is closed with a balance.
Other Payment Fields Depending on the type of payment selected in Step 1, additional fields may be exposed to capture credit card data for credit card payments and bank details for ACH payments.
Payment Gateway Select the payment gateway to be used to process the new payment record. The default gateway is automatically selected and can be updated if there are more than one active payment gateways in the system.
Notes This is a required field, please enter notes pertinent to this payment.
Allocation to Closed Invoices This table will display all invoices you can apply payments towards. You may alter the "Payment Amount" column to manually allocate funds from the payment to whichever invoices you need.


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