How to Schedule a Report

Step 1. Enter the Scheduled Reports Configuration

To begin scheduling a report first enter the report configuration menu. To do this go to the "Report" tab, then under the "Manage Reports"option in the left hand side menu, then "Scheduled Reports". This will display a list of all scheduled reports. Select the new button to continue. The configuration screen will look similar to below.

Step 2. Define Scheduled Report Details

Here you will want to define the details for the scheduled report. Please use the following table as a guide to complete the details.

Field Name Description
Scheduler Job Name Define a name for the new scheduled report. This can be anything you would like but it needs to be unique.
Custom Report Use the drop down menu to select the custom report that you would like to run on the new schedule.
Delivery Method From here you may select either E-mail or FTP
  • Email - Your report will be delivered as an attachment using the template defined in step 3a.
  • FTP - The report will be uploaded to an FTP directory that you will specify in step 3b.
  • SFTP -The report will be uploaded using secure SSH to an SFTP directory that you will specify in step 3b.
Scheduler Interval Use the drop-down menu to select an interval for this report to run on. For example a Weekly (7day) interval will cause the report to run every week at the time specified in the run time field.
Run Time This time will determine when the report will be run depending on the interval you chose in the last step.
Time Zone Use the drop down to select the time zone the run time will be based of off.
Retention Days This will determine how long the report will be saved on BillingPlatform's server in case it is needed again.
Status Select whether or not the report schedule will be actively generating reports.

Select "Next" to continue.

Step 3a. Define Email Details

In this step you will need to define the email template that you would like to send this report with. Use the drop down to make a selection. These template are defined in the "Custom Email Templates Section". Select next to continue.

Step 3b. Define FTP Details

Field Name Description
FTP Server Enter the server address of your FTP server.
FTP Port Enter the port number for your FTP server.
User Name Enter the log in name the system will be able to use to log in to the FTP server.
Password Enter the password associated with the log in you provided in the previous field.
Directory If you would like to place the files in another location other than the root, specify that here.

Select next to continue.

Step 4. Define Search Parameters

In this step, define default values for the report when it runs. Using the dropdown menu you can select parameters that are relative to the date the report will run.

Select Save to complete the process.

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