How to Create a New Language

This tutorial will cover the procedure of creating a new language in BillingPlatform. This new language could be used by users for their interface, or set as the system default language. Please read the following procedure to learn how to create a new language.

Step 1. Enter the Language Node

The language node is located under the Setup tab, under the Localization folder. The location is displayed in the screenshot below.

Step 2. Create a New Language

Using the "New" button at the top of the list will present you with the new language creation wizard. Please see the example below.

Language Code: Enter a unique value to identify your language. This value should be 3 characters or less. (e.g. EN for English or SP for Spanish)

Language: Enter a display name for your new language. (e.g. English, Spanish, etc.)

After the required information is submitted select the 'Submit' button to save your new language.

Next Steps

Labels - Once your new Language is created you will want to customize labels for your new language. This section will show you how to change the display of all labels under your new language. Follow the link to be navigated to this section

Browser Associations - Your new language can now be used as a browser association. What this means is when a new user navigates to your application, BillingPlatform will look for browser languages to find the right language to display. Setting browser associations is described in the linked section.

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