How to Customize an Entity

An entity in Billing Platform can be thought of as a major subject in the application. For example, the Accounts section in Billing Platform's entities would be the ACCOUNT entity. Items within the entity are how you will change more specific details within the recurring billing application. For example, if you would like to create a new field for information about your account, accessing the account entity is the first step.

Step 1. Access the List of Entities

To begin select the Setup tab for the top toolbar. From there click the "Entity" link from the left side menu. This action will display a list of current entities in your enterprise billing system. This list will look similar to below.

Step 2. Select the Entity you Need to Change

You can search the list from the search menu near the top, or browse through the list of available entities. After you select the entity, select what aspect of the entity you would like to change. In the left side menu under Entity, you will see four options - Fields, Layouts, Validations, Buttons And Actions. Fields will relate to the fields for input/display available for use within your entity. For a more in depth explanation of changing/adding fields, please read the section on creating a new field. For more information on changing layouts, there are articles explaining that here, and here. These two articles explain how to customize a lists contents and how to customize what search terms to use. You can use the Validations node to create new custom validations to be run on fields to verify and restrict the actions and values field can do. Buttons And Actions allows you to customize the buttons and actions available on entity forms.

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