How to Edit a Label

This tutorial will show you how to edit a label in BillingPlatform. This is a common operation for localization or just changing the way your application displays labels. Each label has a copy in each language created in the application. This allows you to completely change every label in the system for any language you wish to implement. Please read the following procedure to learn how to edit labels.

Step 1. Locate the Language for Which to Edit

Under the Setup tab the Language section lies under the Localization category. Selecting this option will display a list of languages similar to below. Select the Language that you would like to edit labels for.

Step 2. Display the List of Labels

Once the language is selected you may select the "Labels" sub-category. Doing this will display a list of all labels for the selected language. You will notice no "New" button is available here. This is because labels are created elsewhere in the system, during entity creation, field creation, etc. The resulting list will look similar to below.

Step 3. Edit the Selected Label

Select the label using the search functionality and use the edit button to access the label edit wizard. This screen will look similar to below.

Here is where you will see some ancillary information and the editable label field. Change the "Label Text" field to whatever you wish to change the label to. Then select the Submit button to save your changes.

Step 4 . Refresh Labels

Most labels should refresh in real time. If you do not see your changes immediately you may need to refresh the labels. If you access the setup tab, then select the System category, you can select the Reload Cached Elements page. This page will present a dropdown and the option to refresh. Select "Languages" from the dropdown and select the Refersh button. You should now see your changes.

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