How to Approve an Invoice

Approving an invoice is the step to take when the invoices charges are correct and ready to be delivered to the customer. Before this is done an invoice must be closed. Once your invoice is ready, proceed to step 1.

Method 1. From the Bulk Approve List

This method is preferred if you would like to approve multiple invoices at once. Under the Accounting tab in Billing Platform, there is a link located under "Bulk Administration Tools" in the left side menu titled "Bulk Approve Invoices", select this link to continue, it will show a page similar to below.

At this page you are able to search for an invoice or several invoices, using customer name or invoice ID. Enter a search term and select the type to narrow your results.
There are several options for selecting invoices. To approve a single invoice (or several invoices), select the check-box(es) next to the invoice(s) you need to approve, and then select Approve from the Batch actions... pulldown listbox and then click the Go! button.

From here you are able to perform other actions on the selected invoices namely:

  1. Remove from Queue the invoices from the list. Note that removing the invoice from the list will require you to search for the individual invoices under Manage Invoices to perform any actions on them.

Method 2. From the Invoice Detail Page

This method is preferred is you would like to approve a single invoice. Under the Accounting tab under the Invoices link from the left side menu, select the invoice you would like to approve. In the invoice detail page there is a check-box next to "Approve Invoice", select this box to approve a single invoice.

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