How to Manually Add Charges to an Invoice

Manually adding charges to an account is a common task and allows you to make changes to any open invoice. This can be useful if you need to alter a charge, or add a new one before the invoice is sent out. Keep in mind this can only be done with an open invoice, if the invoice had been close it will need to be reopened before you make changes.

Step 1. Find the Invoice you Need to Change

If you are creating an Ad-Hoc invoice, clicking that link will take you to a list of current invoices, find the appropriate one and select it to begin the editing process. Otherwise, click on the Accounting tab at the top of the screen. Under the Accounting tab, click the Invoices link in the left side menu. From this screen, search for the invoice you would like to edit; clicking the search button will display a list of multiple options to search by. Once you find your invoice, click on it to display the main invoice page. To see the detail associated with this invoice, click the Invoice Detail link in the left side menu (below the invoice link you clicked a moment ago). On the Detail page that appears, click the edit or new button to begin the editing process. If you don't see an edit or new button that means the invoice is still closed, you will need to reopen it to continue.

Step 2. Begin Editing

Editing or Deleting a Charge

To edit or delete a charge, click the charge you would like to edit, and then select the edit button at the Charge Detail page. The application will display this page:

From this page you can edit each editable field to alter the charge as needed.

Terms Defined

Field Name Description
Billing Activity ID System defined value to identify the charge.
Created By This field will display the user that created this charge.
Created This field will display the date the charge was created, either by the system, or by the user.
Product/Component This field will show the current product associated with the charge, you may select it to display a dropdown of your products that you may select for this product.
Activity Date Select the date on which the activity which triggered the charge occurred.
Quantity  The amount of charges you would like to apply.
Override Rate If you would like to alter the rate per unit for this charge, enter this value here.
Override Cost If you would like to enter the overall cost for this charge enter this value here.
Remove this Item Check this box if you would like to completely remove this charge from the invoice.
Collector Activity If the charge was generated by the collector the collector data will be displayed in this section.

Create a New Charge

To create a new charge, at the list of charges for an invoice, select the new button, you will be displayed with this page.

At this page you will need to define a term to search for (something to bill to). The billing level radio selection will allow you to define on which level of the billing hierarchy to charge to. Enter you search term and select which level to use, and then click next to continue.
At the next page you will be shown a dropdown with items that match your search query, select a result to continue or use the back button to try another term.
After you select an item, the next page will show the "Add Invoice Item" will be displayed. It will look similar to the page below.

The terms are the same as used for the editing page, except details such as who edited it and when, will be pre-populated. The collector activity section will allow you to alter the data captured by the collector. Supply the fields with your changed, then click save to save the new charge.

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