Layouts are the actual forms you create that contain entity fields. These forms are Input, Detail, List, and Search forms. This topic will cover the four types and how to customize them. See related articles and tutorials for more information.

Here are examples of the four types of layouts in BillingPlatform. See captions for a description.


This is a basic input form. This layout helps you organize entity fields into an easy to complete form you will use to enter data into the system.


This is the layout that is used to display records that are not being edited. Using this view you can see all entity fields for the record that are not visible in the list view.



This is a list layout. This layout assists in listing records in the current entity, as well as displaying results from a search query.


This is a search layout. This collection of fields is how you will search through your entered records. Search boxes are specific to one entity (the one exception is the Quick Search box on the Home tab).

Entities - Layouts belong to entities and are contained within. To create new layouts you need to first create an entity. Layouts for existing entities can be altered if allowed. Follow the link for more information
Entity Fields - Entity fields are what populate your layouts. They will need to be created in order to create a layout. For more information on entity fields please follow the link.


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