How To Upload a Bulk Data Loader File


Once you have correctly configured a Bulk Data Loader, it is time to submit a file to be uploaded.  If you have not already configured a loader, please see here.



Step 1. Locate the Bulk Data Loader History

Under the Setup tab, under Data Management, find the Bulk Uploader Tool.  Select the loader that you wish to upload data to.  Once selected, click the Data Loader History button.  This will show a list of previous uploads, so if this is your first time, the list will be empty.  The screen should look similar to below.


Step 2.  Execute the Data Load

Select the Execute Data Load button, this will begin the wizard.  The page will look like below.

Select the Choose File button, this will open a window which will allow you to select the file you wish to upload.  Select the Save button when complete.



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