Getting Started in BillingPlatform

Where Do I Start?

Getting started with a new billing system can be a complicated and drawn out process, and we get that. BillingPlatform was designed from the ground up to help streamline the billing process to your exact needs.  To do this, BillingPlatform offers near endless customization options that can mold the application to your requirements, making it truly built for your business.  

Before getting to the advanced customization options, you need to understand the basic processes that comprise that actual billing process.  This article is meant to give you a start to finish tutorial on generating your first bill, from creating your first account, to importing the usage data, or beginning a subscription, and everything in between.  This tutorial will be a basic overview, more advanced processes are detailed in other parts of the help documentation.  With that said, lets get started!

Your First Account

In order to bill you will need accounts.  In BillingPlatform this is a simple operation and will be similar to entering an account in other CRMs.  To begin creating your account, locate the Account tab in your application, this will be located in the top navigation bar.

Under this page you will see a list of current accounts, this may be empty if you have not created any thus far.  Select the new button to begin the new account creation wizard.  Complete the fields to provide account and billing information.  The form will look similar to below (if you or the implementation team has customized the fields, there may be additional options or different nomenclature).


More information on what each of these fields do is outside the scope of this article but can be found in the Accounts & Customers section of the help guide.  Follow the link for more assistance.

Your First Product

Now that you have an account, you need products to populate the invoice.
BillingPlatform offers many types of products that you can build and customize using our Product Designer.  There are two components to billable products. Products and Billing Components. 



Product creation is a simple process.  Locate the Products tab in the main navigation bar near the top of the page.  A list of current products will display.  If no products have been created, the list may be empty.  Select the new button to begin the product creation wizard. Complete the fields and submit the page to save your product.  This page will look similar to below.

Rating Methods

Rating Methods allow you to determine the billable properties of your product. Rating Methods come in many different forms, that let you bill for anything from usage, subscription, percentage fees, flat fees, even all the way to discounting other components.  In this guide, we will cover two of the most popular types, usage and subscription.  There are many more to choose from, which are detailed in the Rating Methods section.

To begin, we will need to create a new product. On the product creation form a list of all Rating Methods are listed in the Rating Method drop-down field. 


After selecting the new button you will be asked what type of Rating Method this will be, for a basic usage type select Usage from the drop-down menu.  See the example below. Usage products are rated based on usage data uploaded to BillingPlatform.

After selecting the Rating Method you can define the attributes of the product such as Included Attributes, Rates, and other options.  For more information on what each of these fields do for each type of component, please see the Products section.  See the example below for an example of a usage based product.  Keep in mind currencies are customizable.

Select Submit to complete your product. You now have a product that can be charged on a customers invoice!


Subscriptions are products that are rated based on the cycle defined when creating the product. A variety of factors how the subscription will bill on invoices. With the Subscription product the cycle can be set to Daily, Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. Other non-standard subscription cycles, such as 15 or 120 or any other whole day interval, can be defined using the Variable Interval Subscription rating Method. Subscriptions can be configured to begin a cycle when the product is provisioned to a customer or to sync the cycle to the customer billing cycle. More information about Subscription product fields can be found in the How to Create a Subscription Product article.


Just as with the Usage product, selecting the new button will display the new product creation form. For a basic subscription product select Subscription from the Rating Method field drop-down. See the example below.

After selecting the Rating Method you can define the attributes of the product such as Included Attributes, Rates, and other options. For more information on what each of these fields do for each type of component, please see the Products section. Keep in mind currencies are customizable.

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