How to Create an Invoice Template


The Custom Invoice Template section allows you to design Invoice Templates for each of your customers. This is a required step in the process before you are able to bill your customers. In order to get to the Invoice Template section click the Setup tab, from there scroll down and click ‘Templates’ folder in the side menu. Finally, click on the 'Invoices' section. A list should appear showing the templates already created (see figure), if you haven’t created any templates this list will be blank. Now you are ready to create your own Custom Invoice Template.



Step 1

Click the new button on the top of the page to launch the wizard. Now fill out the standard information on the page like the Name of the Template (the Account associated) and of course the billing information on the second half of the page (see figure).

If a specific invoice file format naming is required it is possible to define this using the Invoice File Format field. Using a field relationship lookup to concatenate any desired system field and other text into the invoice file name.

Step 2

Now select the Status, choose from Active (the template to be in use for the Account), or Deactivated (not to be used). Next choose whether you want to attach an Email template to this Invoice by clicking the Email Template drop down box, there are a few defaults to choose from or you can customize your own (see Custom Email Templates section). If you want this Invoice to be your Default Invoice check the ‘Set as Default’ box, otherwise leave it blank. 

The next step is to select what details you would like to include on this invoice. There are four boxes (located just under the country field) that you can check to include them on the template or just leave them unchecked (see figure). 

The next step (optional) is to load your company’s logo onto the template. This is done by clicking the browse button at the button of the page, then selecting the image you would like to load from your computer. Now select the Invoice Skin, there are three standard, Billing Platform skins, Detail Invoice, Standard Invoice, and Standard Statement; Each have a unique look and you can preview each one by clicking the ‘Click here to preview this Template’ link at the button of the page. 

Once you have selected your desired skin click submit and a detail page will now load displaying the template you just created.

Generating a sample XML

You can generate an invoice XML if the invoice skin needs to be updated and sample invoice data is needed. With the template in Detailed View mode, scroll to the Generate Sample XML field and enter an existing invoice Id.


Click the Download XML button and a pop-up dialogue box will be displayed to allow you to save the generated XML file.

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