How to Re-Open an Invoice

Re-opening an invoice is used when an invoice has been closed and you need to alter the charges in some way. There are two methods to perform this action.

Method 1. From the Invoice

Access the invoice under the Accounting tab and Invoice link in the left side menu. This will display a list of all invoices; select the invoice you want to open. In the Select an Action drop-down select Re-open Invoice as shown below.


There will be cases when an approved invoice (Approval Status = APPROVED) needs to be re-opened. In these cases, a new invoice is generated and the invoice details copied over. This is done in order to preserve the historical data as the invoice is assumed to have been sent to the customer immediately after being approved.

In such cases, there are two fields that will be of interest:

Field Description
Reopened By Invoice Id Indicates that this invoice has been re-opened with credits into a new invoice. Clicking on this link will bring you to the new invoice.
Created By Invoice Id Indicates that the invoice was a result of re-opening an old invoice with credits. Clicking on this link will bring you to the old invoice.


Method 2. Access the Bulk Reopen Invoice List

Under the Accounting tab in the left side menu there is a link titled Bulk Reopen Invoice under the Bulk Administrative Tools" section. Selecting this link will display a list of closed but not approved invoices in the detail page.


From this list you can search for specific invoices or browse the list, check the box next to any invoice you would like to re-open, then use the drop-down menu to reopen the selected invoices.

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