How to Re-rate an Invoice

If you have changed a customers rate after rates have been added to an invoice, you may need to re-rate the invoice. This will take all charges on an invoice, then proceed to rate them against the more recent pricing plans, rate classes, or defualt prices. Please note this may only be performed on a current invoice. If an invoice is closed, it will need to be reopened before you can re-rate the invoice.

Step 1. Select the Invoice You Would Like to Re-rate

Enter the Invoice tab on the top row, then either search for your invoice, or look through the list and select the invoice you wish to re-rate.

Step 2. Use the Action box to Select Re-rate Invoice

Use the action box near the top to select "Re-rate Invoice" Please see the picture below for guidance on where to find this option.


Step 3. Finalize The Rerate

To confirm the operation, click Save to start the re-rate process.


Next Steps
Once you verify the accuracy with the new rates, you may want to approve the invoice to send to to the customer. Please see the tutorial on Approving an Invoice for more information.

Alternatively, specific invoice charges can be rerated when updating the pricing information of existing products, account products, and contract rates where the Automatically rerate current usage flag is checked such as the example contract rate below:


In the example above, the pricing record of a contract rate was updated to $2.00. Ticking the Automatically re-rate current usage field will trigger all charges that uses this pricing plan to be re-rated provided that they are in open (Status = CURRENT) invoices. Charges that are in closed invoices will no longer be re-rated.

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