How to Add/Delete a Payment Type

When you need to accept a payment type that isn't in the drop down menu, this tutorial will show you how to add a new payment type.

Step 1. Display List of All Types

Navigate to Setup > Data Management > System Types. A list of current System Types will be displayed in list view.

Step 2. Create New Type

Click the new button to open the "Add/Edit Credit Type" wizard.

Type Context For adding a new payment type, click the "Type Context" drop-down and select "PAYMENT_TYPE". Note that you may select other types to add new entries for many different aspects of Billing Platform.
Type Value Enter what you would like the new entry to display as in the system/drop-down menu.
Sort Order Enter a value in relation to the other entries in which you prefer the new entry to be shown. A higher number will be shown lower on the list, a smaller one higher.
Description Enter a description that will help describe the new entry to users who may wish to edit/use it in the future.
Status This will determine is the type is active or not. For a new field check active.


Deleting an Old Type
To delete an unused System Type that you no longer wish to use, select the record in the list, and click edit. From there change the status to DEACTIVATED to mark that the type is no longer used.

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