How to Apply a Refund

BillingPlatform allows you to apply a refund to any payment made in the system. This tutorial will cover how to create such a refund.

Step 1. Select the Payment You Would Like to Refund

Enter the Accounts Receivables section in the Accounting tab. Next select the billing entity which contains the payment. Once selected you can select the Refunds sub-section. It will look similar to below.

Step 2. Create a New Refund

Select the New button to begin the process of creating a new refund. The table below describes the configuration options.


Select save to save the refund.


Field Name Description
Refund Amount Enter the amount of the refund to be applied.
Refund Action  Use this dropdown to select the type of refund.
  • Log a Refund - This option means it will log a refund that has been returned to the customer.
  • Credit Funds Back to the Credit Card - This option will refund funds through the credit card merchant if you have one configured.
Refund Notes Add any notes for record of why the refund was applied.



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