How to Create a New Chart

Note: Charts must be created under reports, therefor reports must be created beforehand, please reference the tutorial on this if you will be attempting to create a chart, tutorials are located here, here, and here.
Select the Report

The first step in creating a chart is to select the report that you will base this charts data off. Enter the Reports tab, then select the Manage Reports category. This will display a list of reports as shown below.

Select a report to continue.
Create a New Chart

Once a report is selected, click the link for Charts in the Manage Reports category, this will display a list of all charts related to your report (if any). Select the New button to continue.

Define Chart Details

After selecting the New button, you will be prompted with the chart creation wizard. The first screen will look similar to below.

  • Chart Name - Name the chart in a descriptive manner, this will be displayed on the UI.
  • Chart Type - Select which type of chart to create, the options include: Line, Pie, Column, Bar, Table, and Area.
  • Header Caption - Enter a caption to display above the chart.
  • Footer Caption - Enter a caption to display below the chart.
  • Status - Select the status for the chart: Active, Deactivated, or Deleted.
  • Field Names - Enter the fields to use in your chart, these are pulled directly from the report this chart is created under.

Select the Next button to continue.
Define Chart Attributes

After continuing to the next step, you will be shown the chart attributes configuration screen, as shown below.

Enter as many lines as needed, and define each attribute you select. Please use the links below to display different configuration options for different types of charts.

When all are defined, select the Save button to complete the wizard.

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