How to Create a New Dashboard

BillingPlatform will allow you to create Dashboards under tabs so you can have information readily available when you need it.

Enter the Reports Tab

To begin the Dashboard creation, head to the Reports tab within the application. In the left side menu there is a "Manage Reports" category, select this, then select the "Dashboards" link from this category. You will see a list of all active and deactivated dashboards. It will look similar to below.

Create the New Dashboard

Select the new button to start the dashboard creation wizard. It will look similar to below.

Here you will need to complete some information

  • Dashboard Name - Name the dashboard using formatting that does not include spaces.
  • Domain - Select the Domain that you would like to place this new dashboard under, in the example above, this dashboard will be above the list of Products.
  • Dashboard Label - The actual name you will see when you load the Dashboard.
  • Status - Determine what status the Dashboard is, Active, Deactivated, or Deleted.
  • Dashboard Layout - Select what charts you would like to diplay within the new dashboard. Note, charts will need to be created prior to adding them to the dashboard.
  • Security - Determine what roles in your system will be able to use the dashboard.

Lastly select the "Submit" button to save your new dashboard.

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