Navigation in BillingPlatform is setup into 3 essential components.

  • Tabs
  • Node Groups
  • Nodes


Tabs line the top of the application and take you to different pages. You can see them in the screenshot below. Tabs are located in the blue stripe at the top of the application. In this case the tabs contain: Home, Products, Accounts, etc.

Node Groups

Node groups can be found in the left side menu. They are identified with an arrow to the left of the label. Node groups can serve two functions. They can simply be to denote a category, or contain information and child nodes. An example can be seen in the image below. You can see in the example below Account, Contract, Account Products and Account Packages are all node groups.


Nodes are also found in the left side menu, the difference is that nodes will not expand to display more nodes underneath it. Nodes can be seen in the example below.

Entities - When you open a node you are opening an entity. Entities when created will create their own navigation node. For more information on entities please follow the link.


How to Create a New Tab - Tabs line the top of the BillingPlatform and allow you to access difference pages of the application. Learn to create new ones by following the link.
How to Create a Node Group - BillingPlatform's navigation is composed of tabs and navigation nodes that you already see located all over the application. New entities live under tabs and navigation nodes. Follow the link for more information on creating tabs and nodes.

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