How to Create an Application User

Application users have a base access to all accounts in the application. This is in contrast to external users who only have access to their own (clients) accounts. Internal accounts are used for people in your own organization to gain access to the system. While internal accounts do have access to every account in the system, their access can still be restricted by the use of roles. This tutorial will cover the steps required to create a new internal account

Step 1. Locate the Billing App Users List

Under the Setup tab in the category "Company Setup" select the "Application Users" node to display a list of all existing internal accounts. This list will look similar to below.

Step 2. Complete New User Wizard

Select the New button to begin the new user creation wizard. This wizard will present a page similar to below.

Use the table below to complete the form

Field Name Description
Username Enter the username you wish this user to enter each time they will log on.
Role Select a role from the list of roles already created in the system. For more information on roles please read the section and tutorials for system roles.
Status This field controls whether the user can access the system. This can be switched as needed to allow/disallow the user access.
First Name Enter the user's first name.
Last Name Enter the user's last name.
Title This optional field can be used to store the title of the user.
Email Enter the valid email for the new user. This is important as the temporary password for the new user will be sent here. 
Phone Here you may enter the user's phone number. This field is optional.
Time Zone Id Enter the time zone for the new user.
Convert Timestamp to User Time Zone This will allow them to view localized system times and time stamps. If ticked, all dates and times will be shown in the timezone of the user. Otherwise, the timezone of the user that created/updated the record will be displayed.
SSO Federation Id If Single Sign-On is enabled for your organization this field is to enter the Federation Id provided by the Single Sign-On identity provider.
Sharing Group Select the intended sharing group that the user will belong to.
Theme Select from a list of themes (if desired) to alter the look of the application for the new user. If you need more information on creating themes, please click here.
Language Use this drop-down to select a language for the application to be displayed in for the new user. This list will be limited by how many languages you have created within the system. For more information on languages please click here.

Select the Submit button to save your changes.

Your new user will be emailed their username, a generated temporary password, and a link to the application. The new user will need to follow instructions in this email to complete the process.

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