How to Set Browser Associations

Browser associations are used in BillingPlatform to determine what language to use when a user is not logged in, such as the login page. Browser associations use your browsers location code to find the appropriate language. Unlimited numbers of codes can be assigned to any language, but BillingPlatform allows only one language per code.

Step 1. Locate the Languages Node

Under the Setup tab in the Localization category, select the Language Node. Selecting this node will display a list of all languages, this list will look similar to below. Select the language for which you would like to create a browser association.

Step 2. View Existing Browser Associations

Under Languages will be the Browser Associations node. Select this to display a list of all browser associations. This list will look similar to below. All codes in this list will associate the browser to the selected language.

Step 3. Create a New Association

Select the New button to begin the new browser association wizard. This page will look similar to below.

Field Name Description
Browser Code Enter your desired code in this field. This field should match a browser code for a desired language. An Example for U.S. english would be 'EN-en'.
Delete Association Checking this box will delete the association from the system.

Note: Browser Codes should be unique, and two of the same cannot be used for two languages.

Select the submit button to save your changes.

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