Accounts in BillingPlatform are the billable entities your usage and subscriptions will be routed to for invoicing. Accounts contain information such as account name, contact information, billing preferences, payment information, and locale/currency information. Accounts lie at the top of the BillingPlatform hierarchy which means that they can contain entities under them such as Contracts, etc. The account is the actual entity where the bills will be sent after invoices are approved. For more information on the role of accounts, how to create them, and their overall place in the BillingPlatform application, please see the related pages and tutorials.


Related Topics

Contract - Contracts are a collection of rates that are used to rate the customer's billing events. These can be used to implement scheduled rates and different pricing for the products defined in the system specific to the customer.

Account Products - Account Products are the individual products that are provisioned to the customer.

Account Packages - Account Packages are collections of bundled products that are provisioned to the customer.


How to Create An Account
How To Create Contracts and Contract Rates
How to Provision Products
How to Provision Packages

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