How To Add A Package Product


Adding products to a package is the key activity that will allow you to complete the bundling/packaging of individual products together. This section assumes that you have packages created in the system and will now add products to them.



Step 1. Navigate through the Product Catalog tab to get to the Packages section.

Go to Products > Packages Management > Packages. This will show the list of existing packages in the system. Then, select an existing package, and click the Package Product menu tree item. This will display the list of products that have been added to the package. To create a new Package Product, click New.

Step 2. Select An Existing Product

Once the New button is clicked, the New Package Product wizard is displayed. On the first section, select an existing product by using the look-up field.

Click Next once done.

On the next section, select the Rating Method that will be used for the package product. Depending on the original configuration of the product (ie. allow for overriding the rating method, or the pricing plan), the number of available values for selecting may be different. If the product has its rate override option configured to Restrict Rate Override, this section is not displayed.

Click Next when done.

The next section is where you will enter additional information on the package product as well as the rates if the product was configured to allow such. Refer to table 1 for the field definitions.

When done, click Save to add the package product.

Terms Defined

Table 1
Field Name Description
Parent Product This allows for the nesting of products within the package hierarchy. Use this look-up field to select an existing package product to assign the new product as a child.
Minimum Quantity Specifies the minimum quantity for the package product when it is provisioned to a customer.
Maximum Quantity Indicates the number of allowable units for provisioning to a customer.
Propagate to Existing Accounts When checked, this instructs the system to add the package product to all accounts that have the package provisioned to.
Allow Price Override Indicates whether the product's price/rate can be overridden when it is provisioned to a customer.
Rating Method Attributes These fields allow you to specify the rating details of the package product. If the product was configured to not allow rate or rating method overrides, this will automatically be populated with the product default values and will not be editable.
Rate Setup

If product has permissions to do so, this allows user to change the default product rate and pricing plan period to a special package rate that will become the default rate when package is provisioned to an account.

  • Use Default Pricing - Use the rate defined at the product level
  • Override Default Pricing - Allows user to change the pricing plan dates and rates
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    Abinash John

    So this allows products to be added only individually? Or can they be added in bulk too?

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