How To Add Account Package Products


BillingPlatform allows you to add additional package products to a customer after the package is provisioned to it. This is useful if the package allows the overriding of package product rates and/or add the same products but with different effective dates.



Step 1. Select an account and a corresponding account package that the package product will be added to.

Go to Accounts > Manage Accounts > Account and select the account. When the account details are displayed, click on Account Packages from the menu tree and select the package that will be updated.

Click Package Product from the menu tree.


This will bring you to the list of package products that have been added to this account package.


Step 2. Add package product to the existing account package.

With the list of package products displayed, click New to add a product. This will bring up the new package product wizard where you can select the product to be added as well as specify the effective dates.

Note that you can only add products that have been configured to be part of the package.

Click Next to continue to the next page of the wizard.


The summary page is displayed that, if the package product was originally configured to allow overriding the rate, will allow you to modify the rate. Otherwise, the rate will be fixed.

Click Save to complete the provisioning of an additional account package product.


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