Pricing Records

Pricing records are a more specific way to define the ways you charge for your products. These are used in various elements within the platform, namely:

  1. Products
  2. Package Products
  3. Account Products
  4. Account Package Products
  5. Contract Rates

Pricing records allow you to schedule rate changes by providing a grid that will allow you to create rate changes that are schedule driven without having to create a totally new product. Here is a sample screenshot of a product that was created and effective for 2016 and will have a different rate in 2017:


This grid is readily available when creating new products and can also be available for the rest of the elements depending on the override rules set on the product. You may refer to the references available for creating package products, provisioning them to customers, and contract rates for more information on utilizing this pricing record grid.

Refer to the Contract Rates section for more information.



Default Prices - Last line of rates used by the system if no pricing plans or rate classes are in effect.

Rate Classes - A collection of revised rates of products that can be used to later create pricing plans for customers. All pricing plans can be based upon rate classes. This can save a lot of time if a lot of customers use similar pricing, and only a few need variations. Please follow the link for more information.

Contract Rates - Contracts allow you to refine the pricing of existing products in the system relative to what you want to take effect to the customer.

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