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Field Data Type Properties Description
ActivationChargePlace string  

Indicates when the invoice will be created to cover the new subscription. Available options are:

  • Create Activation Invoice for New Customers: (Default Option) Invoice is immediately created for a customer when the subscription being added is the first one for the said customer.
  • Always Create Activation Invoice: Invoice is immediately created for a customer regardless if it is the first subscription or not.
  • Use Billing Cycle Invoice: Invoice is not generated immediately and all subscription charges are included in the standard invoice of the customer (e.g. included in the next billing cycle).
AggregateRateType string   Allows for choosing the behavior of how usage data is handled for tier rates. Available choices are:
  • Bulk: Applies the rate of the final tier to all the usage units.
  • Incremental: Applies the rate for usage allocated to each tier respectively.
AggregationLevel string   Indicate the aggregate level of the tiered rates. Available options are:
  • Package: Calculates aggregation within the package only and if multiple packages, instances of the product within each contribute to will be considered.
  • Product: Calculates aggregation at the usage that belongs to the same product instance.
  • Account: Calculates aggregation at individual levels of hierarchy if account is part of hierarchy.
  • Invoice: (Default Option) Calculates aggregation for all instances of the product on the invoice.
AllowInternationalPricing string    
ChargeType string  

Indicates the type of per invoice charge to be applied. Aavailable options are:

  • Per Invoice: (Default Option) A fixed amount is added to the invoice regardless of the total invoice amount.
  • Percentage: The charge is generated by calculating the total invoice amount and multiplying it with a percentage.
CycleType string  

Indicates when the charge is applied relative to the customer''s billing cycle. Available options are:

  • Sync with Service Start Date: (Default Option) Charge is applied on the day that the product/component is provisioned to the customer.
  • Sync with Billing Cycle: Charge is applied at the start of the billing cycle.
DefaultRateFlag string    
DependentType string  

Indicate how the charge will be applied. Available options are:

  • Amount: Fixed amount will be applied.
  • Percentage: (Default Option) Percentage of the charged amount will be applied.
DiscountApplMethod string    
DiscountApplyTo string    
DiscountEligCharges string    
DiscountEligCond string    
DiscountEligUnitMeas string    
DiscountPricingType string    
DiscountPriority string    
DiscountTargetCharges string    
DiscountType string  

Indicates how the discount rate is applied. Available options are:

  • Percentage Off: The discount will be a percentage of the target product's cost.
  • Fixed Amount: (Default Option) The discount will be a fixed rate regardless of the cost of the product that the discount is applied to.
EarlyTerminationOption string   Specifies the behavior of a subscription when it is terminated for a customer. Available options are:
  • Prorate Current Invoice: (Default Option)> The subscription charge is pro-rated when the billing cycle is closed.
  • Credit: A credit note is created for the subscription.
ExcludeComponents string    
FormulaParamIdent string    
FormulaValue string    
IncrementAmount decimal    
IntervalSubscriptionDays decimal   Specify the number of days when the subscription period will lapse and will be billed to the customer.
LateFeeAgainstBalance string  

Late Fee Against Balance<br>
Indicates the multiplier/factor that will be used to compute with the late fee percentage. Available options are:

  • Last Bill Cycle: (Default Option) The last balance due from the last billing cycle will be taken when computing for the percentage.
  • Total Late Balance: The total unpaid balance due from all previous billing cycles will be taken when computing for the percentage.
  • Annual Percentage Rate: The number of late days will be used as the factor for getting the percentage.
LateFeeType string  

Indicates the manner of adding the late fee to the invoice that is being closed. Available options are:

  • Percentage: (Default Option) The percentage of the past due balance will be taken and added to the overall amount. The behavior is further influenced by the Late Fee Against Balance field.
  • Fixed Fee: A flat fee will be added to the invoice regardless of the amount and age of the unpaid balance.
NumberOfCharges decimal    
OtherBillCompForBand string    
OverrideTypePackage string    
PricingType string  

Indicates the type of pricing that the product will use. Available options are:

  • Standard Pricing: Specify the rate in currencies configured on the platform. This is the basic per usage unit charge.
  • Tiered Pricing: Specify tiered rates. This enables the flexibility of indicating different rates based on the number of usage units.
ProductId string   Indicate the product/component that will trigger the application of the charge.
ProductObj PRODUCT    
PropagateInvLevelCharge string   When this is checked, the discount/fee will be applied to all customers in the system regardless if the discount/fee is included in the pricing plan/rate class or not.
ProrateCreditAfterPeriod decimal    
ProrateSubscription string   Indicates whether the charge for the subscription is for the whole amount or pro-rated if it is activated in the middle of the customer''s billing cycle.
RatingMethodType string  

Indicate the rating method that will be used for the product. Available options are:

  • One Time Charge: A charge that is rated once. This is typically used for one-time products such as those used in retail/e-commerce sites and one-time charges for special telephone plans.
  • Usage: (Default Option) Basic usage/metered rating method.
  • Conditional Product Charge: A charge that is added on top of a product whenever the said product is added to the invoice.
  • Subscription: The basic recurring charge that can be added to a customer''s invoice during certain configured intervals such as daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Variable Interval Subscription: Recurring charge that allows for the definition of a custom interval (in days) other than the ones defined in the Subscription rating method.
  • Discount: Rating method that reduces the charge(s) of the customer.
  • Late Fee: A charge that is added to a customer''s invoice in the event of delayed payments that is dictated by the payment terms defined for the customer.
  • Per Invoice: A charge that is generated upon the invoice closing and calculated as invoice grand total amount multiplied by a set percentage.
  • Tax: A rate that is added either to individual products or on the invoice.
  • Formula: A customized rating method that allows the definition of a formula for rating usage data.
  • Parameterized Formula: Formula based rating method that references parameters.
RatingMethodTypeObj RATING_METHOD_TYPE    
SplitUsage string   When dealing with large chunks of data, enabling this option will allow the splitting of usage data across bands. Disabling the option will have the large chunk rated against the lower band.
SubAggrLevel string  

Indicates which overage information will be monitored and rated. Available options are:

  • Subscription: (Default Option) Usage routed to the subscription will be rated if defined in the Overage Component table
  • Package: Usage routed to any product in the package where the subscription exists will be rated if defined in the Overage Component table
  • Invoice: Any usage in the invoice that is specified in the Overage Component table under any subscription on that invoice will be rated.
SubscriptionCycle string  

Indicates the renewal/charging cycle of the subscription. Available options are:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly
SubscriptionModel string  

Indicates when the subscription charges are reflected on the customer''s invoice. Available options are:

  • Postpaid: (Default Option) Results in the subscription charge being displayed on the customer''s invoice after the subscription dates have taken place.
  • Prepaid: Results in the charge appearing on customer''s invoices before the subscription dates have taken place.
TaxApplication string  

Indicates where the amount will be taken from and will be used for tax computation. Available options are:

  • Per Invoice: (Default Option) Amount to be computed for tax will be taken from the total invoice amount.
  • Per Product: Amount to be computed for tax will be taken from the products in the invoice.
TaxType string  

Indicates the manner of adding the tax product will be applied. The amount on which the tax will be applied will also be influenced by the Tax Application field. Available options are:

  • Percentage: (Default Option) The percentage of the amount will be taken.
  • Fixed or Flat Fee: A flat fee will be added to the invoice regardless of the amount.

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