Entity Fields

Entity fields are what constitute the input forms you see in BillingPlatform, as well as how you supply fields within layouts. Entity fields are a part of entities which are used to store data in the form you need it. They are crucial to using entities as they are how you will enter your data, as well as view and find it.
We will use the 'Products' entity for the following example.

This is the basic input form for a new Product. Each field you see in this form is an example of an entity field. The image above contains a few of the ways you can create fields, here you will see a drop-down, text fields, and a check-box selector. There are many more to choose from but that will be covered in later tutorials.

Here you will see a list view for Product, each column header is an entity field.

Lastly you will see above an example of a search form. Each field you see above is another example of an entity field.

Please see related topics and tutorials for more information on entity fields.

Entities - Entity fields belong to entities. In order to create entity fields you must first create entities. For more information on entities please follow the link.
Layouts - Layouts will define how the entity fields are displayed. These layouts can include input, search, and list views. Each of these layouts will utilize your entity fields. For more information on layouts please follow the link.


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