Parent - Child Accounts

The concept of parent and child accounts allows you to nest accounts into a hierarchy. This is useful for customer configurations where there is a parent account such as a company, and child accounts for the departments. This will allow usage to be routed to the proper account while at the same time, controlling who gets billed. Child accounts that are not configured to be billed for usage can contain basic information and the bill is routed to the parent account. On the other hand, child accounts that are responsible for payment of their usage can contain all information that parent accounts store, including payment information.


Related Topics

Account - Accounts lie at the top of the BillingPlatform hierarchy, and contain pricing plans, contracts, products, and more. For more information on accounts please follow the link.

Contract - Contracts are a collection of rates that are used to rate the customer's billing events. These can be used to implement scheduled rates and different pricing for the products defined in the system specific to the customer.

Account Products - Account Products are the individual products that are provisioned to the customer.

Account Packages - Account Packages are collections of bundled products that are provisioned to the customer.



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