How To Add A Child Account


You can define Account hierarchies or “Groupings” of users as child accounts of other accounts. Child accounts can have separate rate plans as well as receive separate invoices and statements. Some examples for using child accounts are to define departments under which to assign separate rates or billing profiles. You can also define child accounts for the sole purpose of grouping service points on an invoice and/or statement while retaining all rates defined at the parent Account level. Child accounts are also recursive, meaning that you can define an unlimited number of children.

Step 1. Access the Account Creation Wizard

Select the Account tab, and then click the New button to create a new account. This is the same process of creating an account only that a Parent Customer needs to be specified.

Step 2. Enter the Child Account Information

Use the Parent Customer look-up service to indicate the parent account that the new child account will be associated to.

The rest of the fields can be populated as you would a normal account. Please refer to the How To Create A New Account section for more information.


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