How To Create A New Package


Packages allow you to create collections of individual products. This is typically done to bundle products and then define customized pricing structures for the products included that behave differently compared to selling them individually.



Step 1. Navigate through the Products tab to get to the Packages section.

Go to Products > Packages Management > Packages. This will show the list of existing packages in the system. To create a new package, click New.

Step 2. Enter the basic package information.

This wizard allows you to specify the values and configurations for the package. Refer to table 1 below for the field definitions.

Once done, save the new package by clicking the Submit button.


Terms Defined

Field Name Description
Package Name A unique name for the package.
Currency Indicates the currency that the package and included products will be using.
Description Allows you to describe the package. It is recommended that the description be descriptive enough to not make it necessary to open the individual products included in the package.

Indicates whether the package is visible for provisioning or not. Available options are:

  • Production: Package is available for provisioning to customers.
  • In Development: Package is not visible for provisioning to customers. Use this status if the package is in the process of being created/updated with package products, etc.
Package Identifer

Assign a package identifier to be able to easily route usage to this package.


Next Steps

With a package created, you can now add products that will be included as part of the bundle or package. Refer to the How To Add A Package Product

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