How To Define International Rates


Default International rates can be defined for each relevant product and country combination. Define a default rate for a product, From‐Country and To‐Country combination. Buy rates can be defined here as well for reporting purposes.



Step 1. Accessing the International Rates section of a product.

Go to Products > Products Management > Products and select the product to be modified. Then, access the International Rates from the menu tree.

The list of existing default rates will be displayed. If a new rate needs to be defined, click New.


Step 2. Define the international rate details.

The wizard for the new international rate wizard is displayed. Using the field definitions in table 1, enter the necessary information and click Submit to save the new rate.


If an existing rate needs to be updated, click Edit from the list of rates in Step 1 which will bring you to a similar wizard where you can update the details of the rate. Click Submit afterwards to save the changes.


Terms Defined

Table 1
Field Name


Pricing Plan Period

Select from the list of pricing plans to which the international rates will correspond with.

Origination Country

Country of origin of the transaction.
Destination Country Target country of the transaction.
Charge Type

Indicates how the charge is applied. Available options are:

  • SURCHARGE - Add the charge to the rate of the product.
  • ACTUAL - Overrides the rate defined in the product with the rate defined for the country combination.
Default Pricing

Enter the appropriate rates for the country combination.


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