How To Provision Products


Products can be provisioned/assigned to accounts individually. Usage data for these products are then routed to these accounts and then processed at the end of the billing cycle configured for them.



Step 1. Select an account that the product will be provisioned to.

Go to Accounts > Manage Customers > Account and select the account. When the account details are displayed, click on Account Products from the menu tree.


This will bring you to the list of products provisioned to the customer. If there are no products, the list will be empty.


 Step 2. Provision a product to the account.

With the list of provisioned account products displayed, click New to add a product to the account. This will bring up the product provisioning wizard. The first screen will allow you to select an existing product in the system and specify the effective start and end dates of the product for the customer. Refer to table 1 for the field definitions.

Click Next when done.



Terms Defined

Table 1
Field Name Description
Product Lookup that will allow you to select an existing product in the system.
Contract Lookup that will allow you to select an existing contract defined for the account. More information can be obtained on creating contracts in the How To Create Contracts and Contract Rates section.

Start Date

End Date

Start and end dates on when the product is active for the customer. Leaving the End Date blank means that the product is provisioned to the customer indefinitely. This can be later updated to have an end date if necessary.


Step 3. Update the attributes for the provisioned product.

The next page of the wizard will allow you to specify whether the rating method attributes and rates of the product will be overridden or not. To override any of the parameters, tick the Override checkbox and choose the desired values. Notice that most of the rating method attributes are available for overriding when the product is provisioned.


Update the desired attributes such as the pricing records as appropriate.

Step 4. Finalize product provisioning details.

After confirming the attributes for the provisioned product, uou can also mark the provisioned product as ACTIVE or DEACTIVATED depending on whether charges should be generated as soon as the provisioning is done c/o the Status field. This is particularly useful when a product needs to be provisioned but should not be activated yet. For example, some cloud service providers allow products to be provisioned but they will not charge the customer until after the customer first uses the service.

Click Save to complete the provisioning process.

Snapshot of Provisioned Product Charges

Provisioned account products or account package products generate normally generate charges that get invoiced against the customer whenever billable events occur. The account product UI has a built in section at the bottom that displays the list of invoices and charge dates that are associated to the said provisioned product. For instance, a monthly subscription will have a line added to this section every month.

This provides a quick view of the invoices that the product's charges are part of and clicking on them will redirect the user to the actual invoice.

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