How To Create Contracts And Contract Rates


Contracts are used to add a level of pricing control after the provisioned products and provisioned package products. As indicated in the Pricing Overview section, BillingPlatform will consider the pricing information in contracts for provisioned products and package products when processing for periods outside of the effective dates of the provisioned items.



Step 1. Select an account that the contract will be created for.

Go to Account > Manage Accounts > Account and select the account. When the account details are displayed, click on Contract from the menu tree.


This will bring you to the list of contracts created for the customer.


Step 2. Create a contract.

From the Contract list view of the customer, click New to create a new contract. This will open the contract wizard page where the basic information of the contract will be entered. Refer to table 1 below when filling up the fields.

Click Submit when done to save the contract.


Terms Defined

Table 1
Field Name Description
Number A unique identifier for the contract.

Start Date

End Date

Start and end dates when the contract will take effect.

On End Date

Indicates the behavior of the contract when the end date is reached.

  • Terminate - The rates indicated in the contract will no longer be used.
  • Renew - A new contract is generated using the same contract rates and duration as the original contract and takes effect as soon as the original expires.

Rate Class

Allows the selection of an existing rate class in the system that will serve as the starting point for the contract rates. If this is left blank, contract rates will take the default product rates and then updated prior to saving the contract rate.


Step 3. Add contract rates.

After creating the contract , click on Contract Rates from the menu tree.


Existing contract rates will be displayed. To create a new rate, click New.


Step 4. Enter the details of the new contract rate.

Populate the fields of the contract rate wizard, clicking Next to progress while referring to table 2 below for the field definitions.

At the end of the wizard, click Save to finalize the new contract rate.

On this page of the wizard, you can select either a Package or Product. Note that Package contract rates affects provisioned account packages of the same name. It will not impact products that have been provisioned as individual account products but members of the contract rate's package.

In the same manner, Product contract rates only impact provisioned account products and not provisioned account package products of the same product name/type.

If you choose a Package, an additional wizard screen will be displayed when you click Next so that you can select the specific package product to be included in the contract rate.



Terms Defined

Table 2
Field Name Description
Product Lookup that will allow you to select an existing product in the system.

Start Date

End Date

Start and End dates on when the contract rate is in effect. Note that the dates must be within the effective dates of the contract.

Contract Rates

Custom rate for the product that will be used instead of the default rate of the product.

Similar to pricing plans for products and package products, you can add more pricing plans by clicking the New Pricing Plan button and fill up the fields as appropriate.

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